General Anaesthetic

If you are nervous about having dental treatment or have had a bad experience in the past then worry not, because at Paradise Road Dental Practice we are experienced in treating anxious patients, some patients arrive at the practice in tears for fear of dental treatment but once they meet our team and we explain all the options they are quickly put at ease.

We can offer you a choice of DVDs are available to watch during your treatment or feel free to bring along your own DVD or music.

If you are really nervous about dentistry our anaesthetist can provide you with oral or intravenous sedation which are available to put you into a relaxed dream like state. Alternatively you can have a general anaesthetic.

Types of sedation

If you need to be sedated during treatment, there are three different types of sedation we can use.

Intravenous sedation.

This technique involves a sedative drug being given directly into a vein in your arm or hand. You will be able to talk, but the sedation is quite deep and you may not remember much about the treatment. Your breathing, pulse and blood pressure are measured during treatment and you'll need someone to take you home and stay with you for the rest of the day.

Oral sedation.

This involves drinking a sedative drug. More drugs can be given intravenously to produce deeper sedation.

General anaesthesia.

Very few people require general anaesthesia and it's usually reserved for people who are unable to cooperate with dental care because of their disabilities or people who require a great deal of dental work and are also dental phobic. It can only be done at a hospital - our general anaesthetics are done at Rondebosch Surgical Clinic in Mowbray (Opposite Red Cross Hospital) and Cape Dental Theatres in Wynberg (Broad Road Medical Centre) on an outpatient basis.

Sedation FAQ’s

Will I fall asleep?

While you will not be sedated with the intention of sleep induction, you may at times fall asleep due to the deep relaxation.

Will I have an I.V.?

If you choose Intavenous Sedation / Concious sedation, you will have an IV; it is a proven method that is widely used.

Can I drive home?

Driving yourself home will not be an option when you have been administered sedation medication.


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