24 Hour Emergency

By definition, dental emergencies occur when you least expect them. And similar to medical emergencies, it’s safer to see an emergency dentist than to self-diagnose, or even worse to go untreated when you may be in pain or discomfort. At Paradise Road Dental Practice, we can see emergency dental patients during office hours, as well as at nights or on weekends. Not a current patient? That’s ok. Haven’t seen a dentist in a while? That’s okay too. We simply want to help you feel healthy and experience toothache relief.

Many dental offices are only open Monday through Friday and they close by 5:00 pm, which is the time most people get off work. If you have tooth pain, the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to locate a remedy or a dentist nearby to help you. Fortunately, we have taken the hard part out of the process for you, and have a 24 hour dental emergency service.

Our emergency dentists work around the clock and can alleviate your pain in no time. If you are experiencing tooth pain, it is likely that you don’t feel like searching for hours to find a dentist that is available. Before you just bite down and bear the pain, give us a call or WhatsApp us on 061 712 1111. You will be able to quickly reach our 24-hour emergency service who will arrange an appointment at our after hour facilities.

Our office hours are 8am-5pm Monday- Friday and 8am-1pm on Saturdays. We have a 24 hour emergency service outside of those hours. We are not there 24 hours, so need at least an hour lead time to get a dentist there. There is an after-hours fee of R1200 until midnight and R1800 after midnight until 8am. This excludes treatment and has to be paid on the day. We will email you an invoice when our offices open to claim back from your medical aid or insurance.
When you find yourself in need of dental relief we are available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

What is Considered to be a Dental Emergency? 

Before you make the decision on whether or not to panic or ignore a possible dental emergency and seek help from an emergency dentist, it helps to know some facts. While some signs of a dental emergency are more obvious, others can be more subtle. Here’s a list of conditions that require you to visit an emergency dentist:

  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Damaged dentures
  • Lost crown or filling
  • Swelling in or around your mouth or swelling around your jawline
  • Toothache or sudden pain around a tooth
  • Sudden sensitivity to heat or cold
  • Avulsion (Knocked-Out Tooth)
  • Extruded (partially dislodged tooth)

What is Not Considered a Dental Emergency?

Other times, the situation in your mouth may change more gradually and while an emergency dental visit likely isn’t necessary, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist or one of our dentists at your earliest possible convenience. These situations include:

  • A mouth that tastes like metal
  • A loose tooth without pain or swelling (if you’re an adult)
  • A canker sore or other lesions that won’t heal
  • Bleeding gums
  • Chronic headaches

Remember, the above list merely contains guidelines, so when in doubt, seek help from our emergency line.

Get Access to Our 24-Hour Emergency Dentist

Your teeth don’t wear watches, so if you experience any of the above signs – no matter what time day or night – you should seek a 24 hour emergency dentist. Hospitals don’t usually have dentists in their emergency departments, so visiting your nearest ER likely isn’t your best bet. Fortunately, our dentists and staff can offer you a 24 hour emergency dentist. Simply call or Whatsapp Us on 061 712 1111.

Weekend Emergency Dentist

Did your kickboxing class at the gym not go as planned? Did your child have a rough soccer or hockey game? A weekend emergency dentist is at the ready. It’s easy to add 061 712 1111 to your speed dial!

Afterhours Emergency Dentist

We know that your teeth don’t care that it’s after 5pm, which is why we offer an afterhours emergency dentist to help bring you some toothache relief.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist

Kids! Whether they’re playing in the pool, dribbling a soccer ball across the field, riding a bike, climbing trees or simply playing with friends, accidents happen and they may need to see an emergency pediatric dentist. A chipped tooth, a sudden toothache or other indications listed above may require your child to visit a 24 hour emergency paediatric dentist. If so, call 061 712 1111 immediately to ensure your little one is pain free.

Looking for an Emergency Dentist Near Me with No Medical Aid?

We accept patients whether or not they have medical aid. So if a dental emergency occurs, don’t let your lack of insurance keep you from receiving the emergency dental care you need to help relieve your toothache. In fact,  we are contracted out of medical aids, you have to pay on the day and claim back from your medical aid or insurance.

Vacation Emergency Dentist in Cape Town

Are you visiting Cape Town for vacation? Welcome! We love visitors. If you’re exploring Table Mountain, visiting Kirstenbosch Gardens, the Winelands, visiting one of our beautiful beaches or shopping at the V&A Waterfront, and you find yourself in Cape Town with a dental emergency while travelling, don’t hesitate to call or WhatsApp us on 061 7121111.

See One of the Emergency Dentists

It always helps to know of an emergency dentist in Cape Town  before you need to search for “emergency dentist near me” using your favourite search engine. Paradise Road Dental Practice is conveniently and centrally located on the M3 on Paradise Road (directly opposite the Shell Garage) in the Southern Suburbs. It is a 10 minute drive from the CBD, 25 minute drive from the Northern Suburbs and easily accessible from all the major highways.
While we offer a 24 hour emergency dentist, an afterhours emergency dentist and a weekend emergency dentist, we also have an excellent dentist . Dr. Ramjee, who is a qualified dental technician and dentist. We have Dr Patel and Dr Shih who have a special interest in paediatric dentistry and Dr Taliep who offers the utmost standard of care with any dental emergency. So you can feel confident that your emergency dentist also provides quality dental care.


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